Julie Vanbeckevoort (°1998, Hasselt) started her musical studies in the Conservatory for Music in Hasselt at the age of 10. She immediately was a promising student in the cello class of Rudy Froyen. Eager to enhance her technical skills and to broaden her musical knowledge, she attended master classes for cello and chamber music given by Jan Baerts, Lei Wang, Troels Svane and Gustav Rivinius. In June 2016 she graduated from secondary school with flying colours in the field of study of mathematics and sciences. At the same time she played her final exam on the cello, for which she was granted an outstanding 98%, the highest score for a student in the year 2015-2016. At the award ceremony she received the price of the ‘Roode Roos’. In addition to her training she participated in the ‘International Summer Academy’ in Cervo in September 2019. Julie studies at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp under the guidance of Justus Grimm. On top of that she pursues an intensive training given by Hans Mannes. Through the years she has contributed to several ad hoc orchestras. Julie is valued as a responsible, well prepared and very punctual musician, always willing to contribute to the music as a whole, treating every practice session or rehearsal as being extreme important. Her aim is to continue improving her technical skills, to augment her knowledge of music and continue to induce a ‘fascination in’ and ‘love for’ music in an audience.